How can I get assigned to the therapist ?

You can consult a therapist by clicking on “Book Your Therapy Session”

Fill the simple form and the best therapist will be assigned to you. You can start now.

Is my session details confidential and private ?

Yes. Everything will remain confidential and private only. No information will be shared to your organisation or any other person. All the information is confidential under the strict privacy policy of the company.

In case of emergency, who can I reach out to ?

For any urgent help or booking of your therapy session, you can reach out to your assigned Wellness Manager.

Ms. Naina – +91 7428699696

For any general query, you can mail us at eaprequest@manastha.com

How long does it take to assign the psychologist ?

Your case and session is scheduled as per your availability and convenience. Process usually takes 2-12 hours but in case of emergency, we assign the therapist right away.

I there any limit to the no. of sessions ?

There is no limit to the no. of sessions. You can take the sessions as per your needs and recommendation of your therapist.

I want a psychologist who can speak my native language

You can mention the language preference in the client form and we will assign the therapist as per your language preference.

Not sure about therapy sessions and need clarity regarding the process? Contact Us