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Manastha Health Solutions is Founded by the Psychologist Post Graduated in Psychology from the University of Delhi.
Always Challenging the Ordinary and the limited structure of the Societies, he embarked the journey of building the most loved and preferred online counselling and therapy platform. His aim is to provide the most quality and affordable Mental Health services in the World.
For him, Manastha stands for “Reclaiming Your Inner Harmony”. 



We all have the capability to reach our fullest potential. We only require little guidance from a wise mentor, a positive & reinforcing environment to grow, non-judgemental relationships to cherish our uniqueness, and a goal that keeps us uplifting in our journey toward a blissful being.

Since the Dawn of Human Race, Mankind has always found ways to solve challenges and stand firm in the most difficult moments of History. As a descendant of this magnificent species, our potential to grow and thrive in our life is limitless. How we use the available resources in the best possible way.

We here at Manastha are lucky to have found our own safe space, an environment filled with life, enthusiasm, and limitless potential. Our team of exceptional beings is here to help you find the same.


Chief Operating Officer (COO)

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, either way, you are right” As quoted by Henry Ford, you are the sum of all your beliefs.

The above statement signifies the influence of an individual’s thought structures, belief systems and dynamically changing psychological states in their lives. As a mental health professional, I always paid close attention to details. My experience and understanding in the field have given me many insights, one of them being that every individual is unique, and so is their problem and way of dealing with it. Each one of them is like an exquisite puzzle waiting to be solved. Being part of people’s journey to find meaning is an honor and that’s what we do here at Manastha.



Human Resource Manager at Manastha


Business Development Manager

Provides new and effecient solutions to dynamic business development opportunities



Assist in day to day Management of Human Resource



Director at SSIFS, Ministry of External Affair, Government of India.



SM at PwC United States of America (USA)



SDE at Amazon Bangalore

Our Story

A team of professionals who understand and guide you with the rich and deep life awareness throughout the process of guidance and healing. We strongly believe that there must be an exchange where individuals express themselves in a non-judgmental atmosphere and explore their emotional needs, blocks and solutions to their difficulties. We provide personalized therapeutic treatment to help you understand the root cause of your problems and provide you with intensive insight to solution-oriented ways of overcoming your problems.

Here we work on providing wholistic change rather than just focusing on a symptomatic relief. We understand and acknowledge the individual differences and believe that you are unique with different understanding of life. You are just accepted the way you are and are provided with deep knowledge and understanding of your problems along with your approach of dealing with it. You are provided with different skills and techniques to holistic meditative approaches, depending on what you are comfortable with. To help you overcome your problems, we connect you with trained and certified therapist who provides you with unconditional support and guidance to help you become capable of creating your own possibilities.

Our Mission

Connecting the Best Trained and Certified Psychologist with the People who are seeking emotional and mental wellness support. Giving them the Quality and the Most affordable counselling and therapy services in the World. Our objective is to help clients gain insight into their problems along with creating a scope of improvement in life. We work with an idea that there must be an exchange where the individual express themselves in a non-judgmental atmosphere, explore their needs and solutions to their difficulties. We understand your problems and accept the way you are. So, no mental tags are given here.

Our Vision

We envision to help our clients develop a better understanding of self along with becoming capable of creating what they want in life. We help you to accept, know and grow in life. We connect you with trained and certified professionals who help you acquire skills and techniques enabling you to lead a happier, more fulfilling and meaningful life.

Long Term Vision is to create the best online therapy and counselling platform in the world where everyone is getting the services they deserve. Breaking the Stigmas related to mental and emotional health in India and globally.

Making an Impact Across the Globe

Manastha Health Solutions is the fastest growing online counselling and therapy startup platform which is recognized by Govt. of India. Manastha is the best counselling and therapy platform in India. With the team of the best Psychologists, Counsellors who are very Dynamic, Experienced and Intelligent professionals with very High Emotional Intelligence.

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Manastha is the Best Online Counseling & Therapy website in India. Feel Free to Talk with the best online Psychologist & Counsellor for Depression, Anxiety, Relationship Issues, Stress, Career via Chat/Call/Video – Affordable & Anonymous Counseling. Feel Free to Talk To a therapist and get best online counselling with a free space to express on your Mental and Emotional issues. Manastha is also the top online counseling and therapy platform for Corporate mental health wellness in India. Experience the best psychotherapy sessions online in the world. Feel Free to connect with the top Therapists, Counsellors, Psychologists, Mental Health Experts. Reclaim Your Inner Harmony.

Only Platform in the world which gives necessary training to all the Psychologists ( We don’t hire anyone directly and put them on work)

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I have suggested and recommended Manastha to all of my friends and colleagues and I believe that they are doing an amazing job. I have got the help when I needed and I will always be grateful for that and to my therapist. Thank you for being there when I was experiencing some tough times and helping me out to give me the much needed right direction.

Shefali Verma

Gradually by practicing and bringing some changes in my way of observing things I found a new me. I could express myself more confidently, started dealing well with my vulnerable side. Not just me but the people around me felt the same. I started living in the present. I am discovering new things about me everyday.

Shreya Singh