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Prime Therapy Packages – Best & Recommended Sessions. Get Psychiatrist & Therapist within One Hour.
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Manastha prioritizes quality therapy and counselling to all the clients. We believe in giving a transformational experience to all.

We assign the best psychiatrist and counsellor as per your case. We Choose the best for you.

Consult Best online Psychiatrist & Counsellor in India

Best Online Psychiatrist & Psychologist Consultation in India.

Best Online Psychiatrist / Psychologist

Connect with the Best Online Psychiatrist and Counsellor within One Hour.

Best Therapy Experience

Experience the best Counselling and Therapy experience online.

Confidential & Private

Most Secure and Confidential Online Counselling and Therapy.

Most Preferred Platform

Manastha Online Counselling and Therapy is the most preferred platform in India and the world.

Prime Packages

Best Online Counselling and Therapy Packages

Get Connected with the Senior Psychiatrist from AIIMS / NIMHANS and Top Head Psychologists within One Hour and get the Best Mental Health Experts Online.

Certified Psychologist

Connect with the trained and certified Online Psychologist and Counsellor.

Economical Services

Experience the affordable and economical Counselling and Therapy experience online.

Confidential & Private

Most Secure and Confidential Online Counselling and Therapy.

Most Preferred Platform

Manastha Online Counselling and Therapy is the most preferred platform in India and the world.

Essential Packages

Best Online Counselling and Therapy Packages

Get Connected with the Certified and Trained Psychologists and Mental Health Experts Online.

I am Confused about Choosing between Prime Package & Essential Package ?

Prime packages are our best offerings because of the following :

  1. Senior Psychiatrist from AIIMS / NIMHANS and Head Clinical Therapist will be assigned to you. You will be getting most experienced and the best expert to help you out about your situation.
  2. Assignment of Therapist within One Hour
  3. Quality and Quantity of session duration will be more. They hold longer validity too.
  4. Many other offerings like personalized manuals, feedbacks and other tools to help you in wholistic way.
  5. Schedule flexibility is also there.

We highly recommend the Prime packages for deeper and wholistic healing and solutions.

You can choose as per your budget, need and requirements. If you can’t afford the prime packages,

Essential packages are the best economical solution to your problems. Manastha only offers the best online counselling sessions and services. Essential Packages are for those cases which are mild and need solution-based therapies.

I wish to take Couple Therapy with my Partner. How to go about it ?

Please Start with Few individual sessions first. We recommend 4 individual sessions to both couples initially. After that, the therapist can become the bridge between them and they can sit together in the Video Therapy sessions. We will assign the same therapist to both individuals. If you want to start as a couple only, just opt for the video sessions package and start your journey.

How many sessions and which medium should I opt for ?

7 Sessions are the best and most recommended ones by our experts. Counselling is not just about making you neutral from the negative but also enhancing the positivity and better results in the overall domain of your life. So, you must not just take the advice but actually integrate the learning from the sessions for the long term benefits and growth.

4 sessions are usually the most opted ones for the beginners and usually they opt for more sessions after the completions.

Audio sessions are the most opted ones however We have found that for the best communication and faster results Video sessions are the most effective ones. Chat sessions are slow in nature and are helpful in the cases where you need only small advices and your situation is very mild in nature. Therapist can recommend you to change the medium of your sessions and you must be willing to come out of your comfort zone if it possible depending upon your other environmental factors.

Choosing the no. of sessions also depends upon your need and situation, usually, problems like anxiety, stress, depression, fears and phobias etc from at least 6 months or more can take few weeks or months to heal, so continuous sessions are recommended in that situation. The therapist will guide you further about the sessions quantity and frequency.

What is the Validity of the Packages ?

Validity means you must take your session in the given time period of Validity.

Suppose, 1 Session (Essential Package) has 10 days of Validity, then you must take your 1 session(40mins) in these days.

Prime Therapy - 15 days Validity/Session.

Failing to do so will automatically cancel your subscription and you can’t claim your minutes afterward. You need to re-opt for the sessions. Also, you must always request your therapist to fix your sessions. The therapist won’t be responsible for the expiration of your package due to expired validity. In case the therapist is not responding to you, you must communicate the same to our support team . No complaints will be heard after the expiration of your package.

Your Validity starts with the moment your therapist is assigned to you and you receive the confirmation text from your therapist.

What is the Refund Policy of Manastha ?

Please click on the following link to check the REFUND POLICY

What are the languages in which counselling is provided ?

Presently we offer counselling in multiple languages - English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, kannada, etc. (Language stated here are subject to avalibility of therapist.)

Can I choose my therapist as per my own needs ?

Manastha make this step easier for you and assign you the best therapist. You don’t have to deal with the unnecessary stress to find out the best for yourself. Everyone is a quality therapist and counsellor in the Manastha. We will assign the specialized therapist as per your situation. So, you don’t need to worry about getting the best one. Get assured quality services and counselling.

I want to connect particularly with Female/male therapist, Is that possible ?

We will do our best to assign you the therapist as per your request. However, in many scenarios we can’t make this happen due to availability. We request you to be comfortable in whatever gender of the assigned therapist is as everyone is trained to be non-judgemental and equal towards the clients. You can trust and open yourself freely with any therapist. Everyone is equally experienced to make you feel comfortable.

What if I am not assigned a therapist within one hour after opting prime package ?

You will be assigned a head therapist if you have opted for prime package between 10 am IST to 7pm IST (Monday to Saturday). If you opted for prime package outside 10am to 7pm IST then you will be assigned a therapist in next cycle (Next working day) after 10am IST. If still you face any problem then you can mail us and your issue will be resolved within 24 hours.

I live in Different Time Zone. How to Schedule Session with the therapist ?

You don't have to worry about the same. Our therapist will do the best to book the slot in a comfortable time period for you.