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General Questions

I have taken a Prime Package and nobody has contacted me in last 1 hour ?

Sometimes delay can happen due to an overload of clients. Presently pandemic has caused an upsurge in no. of cases. We do our best to assign the therapist as quickly as we can. Don’t worry if it is delayed, you shall get your acknowledgement on your Whatsapp no. by your assigned therapist.

Do you also provide psychiatrist and can they prescribe medicine as well ?

Yes we do provide psychiatric interventions, But this is not an emergency medical intervention platform. If you are in severe and urgent need, please contact other helplines. Manastha is not an emergency helpline platform.

I need the session urgently. Can you please provide me the therapist now ?

As we have mentioned clearly, we are not an SOS helpline. If you need a session on an urgent basis, please connect on another platform.

Manastha believes in the quality of therapy and counselling and proper procedure is done here.
Therapy is not a one-time thing and not an emergency thing, it takes a lot of time and many sessions to heal and deal with your mental/emotional issues.

My doubts are not here

Please visit our FAQ section at

We wish to opt for Couple Counselling ? How to go about it ?

As per our experts and experience in couple counselling, we recommend you to start with few individual sessions.

We will connect you with the same therapist. You both can connect with a same therapist and start individual sessions ( at least 4 sessions individually).

After proper understanding, therapist can become the guide and bridge between both of the people in therapy.
It will save
1. Any Biased-ness and Judgements
2. Clear explanation from both the side.
3. Proper Expression and deeper understanding of an individual.
4. Helping to become the bridge between the communication gap between the couples.

Please book for individual sessions to proceed with marriage counselling.

We will assign the same therapist to both of you and then the therapist can become the bridge between both the couple after few initial individual sessions.

Recommended Package – 4 Prime Videos.

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What is the refund policy ?

Please read the refund policy at

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Manastha is the best online therapy and counselling consultation website in India for Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Relationship/Marriage/Couple Issues.


Become the Part Best Online Therapy Platform. Making the World a better place through E-Therapy.

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People Opting for Therapy

More than 10k+ People per Month is coming to Manastha for the therapy. We are handling the most no. of clients in India presently.


Re-opts For Manastha

85% of the New Clients who come to Manastha re-opt for our therapy services. Most Quality Therapy Services.


Satisfaction Feedback

Manastha gives you the highest Satisfaction of the therapy services. This is the most in all the online counselling services.

What is Online Counselling and Therapy ?

Simply put, the best online counseling service is mental health counseling done through the Internet that provides therapy sessions using technology the best-certified expert. Professionals who offer online therapy in Manastha have hours of hands-on experience. It’s important to make sure that any provider you work with is a Certified Counselling Psychologist. And don’t worry all of our therapists are Certified Counselling Psychologist and provide the counseling services (in their areas of expertise) you deserve using our online therapy platform

I have suggested and recommended Manastha to all of my friends and colleagues and I believe that they are doing an amazing job. I have got the help when I needed and I will always be grateful for that and to my therapist. Thank you for being there when I was experiencing some tough times and helping me out to give me the much needed right direction.

Shefali Verma