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HR Dasboard

HR Dasboard

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Unique ID – 432131

ReportsOverall Issues Faced By Employees

  • Depression Symptoms 46% 46%
  • Anxiety Symptoms 32% 32%
  • Overall Stress 44% 44%
  • Relationship Issues 33% 33%
  • Work Life Imbalance 44% 44%
  • Overall Mental Health Status 55% 55%

ReportsEmployees Sessions

Total Sessions - January

ReportsEmployees Sessions

Total Sessions - February

ReportsEmployees Took Therapy


Your Manastha Admin

  • Manastha Admin - Ms. Rozel Sharma
  • Designation - HR Psychologist
  • Experience - 7+ Years

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  • Option 1 : Whatsapp Me on +91 999XXXXXX
  • wSkype ID : RozelXXXX
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Sample Promotional Material

  • You can use the material to promote mental health awaereness
  • ZPromotional material will be emailed to all the clients from our side as well.
  • You can request promotional material from our team to be tailored made for your company

Promotional Articles and Photos

You will get the promotional photos, articles and other electronic media to spread the awareness about the mental health in your organization. We will provide the best promotional content for you.

Important Suggestions from Therapists

There are some domains which can be handled more efficiently in the company. Those are

1. Improve Incentives
2. Mindfulness Seminar
3. Manager Training
4. Bridging Communication gaps.


Employees are taking for online therapy and counselling. We are promoting and spreading awareness among the employees and getting positive feedback from them. They are finding the articles and assessments engaging and helpful.

Areas to Focus

– Stress Management

– Work Load Pressure
-Communication Issues

– Depressive Symptoms

– Relationships with Colleagues

– Family Time

– Productive Habits

Promote your Mental  Well-Being

Online therapy and best-in-class digital services for mental health and well-being.

Mental Health Therapy

Manastha is the best online counselling and therapy platform. We provide the best mental health services for Depression, Anxiety, Work Stress, Communication Issues, Work-Life Imbalance, Relationship Issues, Career Management, Motivation, Sleep issues etc.

Care at your fingertips


Connect with the Qualified Experts and Start Your Therapy today. Get Assessment and know your Mental Health Status. Get the researched and scientific tools to enhance your productivity and inner wellness.

Best Online Psychologist


Connect with the Best Online Psychologist and Counsellor.

Best Therapy Experience


Experience the best Counselling and Therapy experience online.


Confidential & Private


Most Secure and Confidential Online Counselling and Therapy.


Preferred Time + App


Fix the Session as per your convenient time & App Preference ( Whatsapp, Skype, Zoom )

Mental Health Awareness

Improve Your Mental Health, Learn Latest Research-Based Techniques, Get direct suggestions from Certified Experts. Improve Your Emotional Health with practical tools

Understanding Mind Under Stress

6 Mins – Content Locked 

5 Ways to Deal with Work Pressure

5.45 Mins – Content Locked

Improve Your Interpersonal Relationships at Work

14min 45sec – Content Locked

Deal With Rejections at Work

12min – Content Locked

Manage Work From Home – Increase Productivity

6min 45sec – Content Locked

Words Matter When it Comes to Depression

7 Mins – Content Locked

Articles/Blogs/Important Notifications

Get the personalized and latest articles/blogs on Mental Health as per the need of your company. It will be updated on the company page and personally to each employee as well.

Start Mental Health Assessments

Available in the Personal Profile Page of Each Employee.

  • PMental Health Examination
  • PDepression Questionnaire
  • PPersonality Assessment
  • PMany More Mental Health Questionnaires

Upcoming Seminars/Webinars/Training – Mental Health

All the details of an upcoming mental health program in the company. Keep yourself updated. Details of programs will be sent personally to HR and individual employees too.

Format of Upcoming Programs

Upcoming Workshops Details

Mental Detox Webinar – Online Workshops for your Corporate

– Mental Health Understanding
– Knowing about Present Mental Health Status
– How we can stay resilient in tough times
– Stress, Anxiety, Depression, etc. Management.


Date – 21 February


Mindfulness Modality

Duration – 1-2 Hours
 – Practical Learning of Mindfulness
– Research-Based Learning
– Questions and Ansers

Date – 21 March

Depression & Anxiety Healing Webinar 

Duration – 1-2 hours
By – Certified Psychologist
– Learn the Modalities of Healing – Depression and Anxiety.
Tools and Techniques

Date – will be shared soon

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