Best Online Psychology Internship – Counselling and Clinical

Best Online Internship Program for Psychology Students who are doing their Graduation/Post-Graduation. Learn the Theoretical and Practical Aspects of psychology from the Best Psychologists.

Manastha is the best online counselling and therapy consultation platform in India. Do the certified online psychology internship with the most professional and certified psychologists.

1 Month Online Internship Program - Counselling & Therapy


  • Beginner Counselors with Psychology/Social Work/Counseling Background
  • Psychology UG, PG and M.Phil Students
  • Social Work UG, PG, and M.Phil Students
  • Counseling & Psychotherapy Students

Total 100 Hours.
Timings will be flexible and convenient to all the group members.

Enrollment Fees – Rs. 3,999

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2 Months Online Internship Program - Counselling & Therapy


  • Beginner Counselors with Psychology/Social Work/Counseling Background
  • Psychology UG, PG and M.Phil Students
  • Social Work UG, PG, and M.Phil Students
  • Counseling & Psychotherapy Students

Total 200 Hours.

Timings will be flexible and convenient for all group members.

Enrollment Fees – Rs. 6,999

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How to Become an Intern at Manastha - Steps

Step 1: Visit the Required Internship page

We offer 3 Different Internship Plans
1. 1 Month -120 hours
2. 2 Months – 240 Hours
3. 4 Months – 360 hou

Step 2. You shall recieve a Confirmation Email

Once you do the payment for the required batch, you shall receive a confirmation mail regarding your internship batch.
You will get all the details.

Step 3. Start the Internship Program

Start Your Journey with fellow batchmates.


An opportunity for young aspiring and practicing Mental health professionals to upgrade, learn and polish their skills in counselling and therapy, by learning from our in house Certified practitioners with 1000+Cases experience.

If you have always wanted to know how the real-life scenarios differ from textbook conventions, this is the place for you.
Manastha provides the best quality online/virtual internship program for the students wanting to learn about the process of counselling and integration of the therapeutic tools in the practical domain of psychology.

This program is well designed by Manastha’s Certified Psychologists to help the students understand the internship process and pre-professional opportunity to prepare for a successful career in the field of counseling and psychotherapy. Applications are invited from interested and enthusiastic candidates who have an urge to pursue a unique educational and practical opportunity that will further enrich their academic and career achievements.

Manastha Psychology Internship program Strengthen Your Professional Competence, Subjective Knowledge, Bring Confidence and Caliber in your carrier. This program provides Paradigm Shifts and Will Transform your Life and Work.

We ensure each and every skill you learned will be reflecting in your certificate to improve your prospect of higher education and career.

You will attend a series of interactive sessions, role playing techniques to get a hold of your communication techniques with patients , coaching sessions, case studies, client interactions, live projects and Q&A sessions under accomplished psychologists and organization leaders.

What You Get

  • Real life case exposure.
  • Communication techniques ( mirror technique, Using the Senses, Master Emotional Triggers)
  • Therapeutic and intervention approaches ( autobiographical journaling ,JPMR, Free association etc)
  • Taking case histories and designing case studies.
  • Developmental Studies and their application in understanding client behaviour.
  • Designing Treatment Plans.( Client centered approach , Psychoanalysis, transactional analysis, REBT ,CBT ,Child regression therapy etc )

Best Of Online Psychology Internship Program

Fundamentals of Counselling

Know all the basic to advanced tools to understand the counselling as a process.

Find Your Strength

Discover Your Strength as a therapist and discover your own modalities of counselling.

Therapeutic Modalities

Learn about different therapeutic practices and skills.

Mentoring By Experts

Certified Psychologists will be there to guide and help you in every step of your journey. Team of Psychologists will be monitoring your growth and performance and helping your grow in the best way possible.

Meet Fellow Students

Students of Psychology will be coming together from all parts of India. Chance to learn, connect, interact and participate with like-minded learners.

What you will be getting

Professional Mentoring and Coaching

Online One-on-one and Group Mentoring Classes from our Present Manastha Psychologists and Mental Health Experts will given to you.
Group sessions will happen online. Different Psychologists will connect with you.

Chance to Take Online Therapy Cases

Get this opportunity to Help others in Crisis. Mental Health is quite crucial in present times. Be the Medium to Serve unconditionally.

Opportunity to Grow as a Professional

Chance to get a wide range of cases. Practice your personally counseling skills and improve as a therapist. Get associated with the prestigious organization.

Platform to Show Your Creativity and Uniqueness

Space to be creative and express your uniqueness.

Get Training Certification for 60 days

60 Days Online Training Program Certification will be awarded to you.
Unique Serial No. will be added for Credibility and Genuinity.

Get Opportunity to Join Manastha as a Therapist

If you wish to join Manastha as a Psychologist in future,this internship program will add value to your selection.

What Trainees Are Saying

I have completed my Master’s in Psychology and wanted to learn about the practical skills of counseling before I start my working experience.
Mentors at Manastha helped me to understand the counseling process from a very practical perspective and I have been improving a lot in this program.
I have learned a lot of new things and improved my therapy skills immensely.

Ms. Aakriti


I have been wanting to give my services for the present cause and was finding it difficult to spread the skills and psychological knowledge. Manastha has given me the platform to use my skills to help others in times of Crisis.
I have done the volunteering program and did the training program too. I really liked the personal one-on-one mentoring sessions with my mentor.

I believe I have learned a lot in my training period.


Mental Health Practitioner

General Questions

How to Apply for it ?

Steps are given above. Please follow all the steps and we will contact you as soon as possible. If you have any other doubts, Contact

I am not From Psychology background. Can I do it ?

No. Only Students and Professionals from Psychology background can apply.
The application will be rejected without the same. You should be a professional or student in psychology or a related field.

I am presently doing the Master's In Psychology. I need mandatory field work certification. Will this internship certificate help in this case ?

Definitely. Our Certification is accepted everywhere and holds valuable significance in counselling domain. You can present our certificates for your mandatory internship/fieldwork program.

Ready to Enhance Your Counselling Skills?

Best Online Internship program for Psychology Students