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Trusted by 120K + Clients. Manastha is the best online psychologist consultation platform in India.

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Consult Best Psychologists in India

Top Therapists, Counsellors, Mental Health Experts in India. See the List of Top Psychologists in India. Best Online Psychologist Consultation in India. Get Therapist within 60 Minutes

Certified & Experienced

Get the best online Therapy & Counseling Experience from the Verified Professionals. Top Therapists for your mental health.

Best Psychiatrists in India

Connect with top psychiatrist from AIIMS & NIMHANS online at your comfortable space on your convenient time. Get the best Psychiatric treatment possible online with Manastha Prime Service.

We assign the best psychologist and counsellor as per your case. We Choose the best for you.

Best Online Psychologist

Consult the Best Online Psychologist in India. Talk to Top Online Clinical Psychologist Consultation. Get Best Online Counselling Psychologist Consultation. Live Session with Psychologist.

Best Online Therapy and Counselling Platform where you can connect with Top Psychologists in India. We assure top Best Mental Health Therapists. Certified and Verified Experts.

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100+ Certified Psychologists

Consult Top Online Clinical Psychologist and Counselling Psychologist in India. We have registered Clinical Psychologists and Certified Counselling Psychologists in our panel.

Best Online Mental Health Helpline

Best Online Psychologist Helpline for Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Relationship Counselling, Marriage Counselling, other mental health issues.

Best Online Therapy and Counselling Platform

Manastha is the Best Online therapy and counselling platform in India. Talk to A Psychologist online via Chat, Phone Call and Video Call. Choose the Best Online Therapy packages and start your psychotherapy consultation.

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Breaking The Mental Health Stigma

Bringing the Experience of Clients who took online therapy and counselling from Manastha. Bring direct expression and spreading mental health awareness. Manastha is the Best Rated Online Therapy Platform in India. See the Reviews

Taking Online Therapy to Everyone

Listen from Clients Directly about our Top Therapists, Counsellors, Mental Health Experts in India. We believe in quality and the best mental health services. Therapy for All. Top Online Psychologist and Psychiatrist Consultation.

One Stop for All Your Mental Health Issues

We believe in Quality Mental Health Services. Trusted by 120K+ Healed Clients and the highest rated positive feedbacks, we are ready to provide the best psychologists to you. Get the Best Experience out of Psychotherapy Sessions.

  • RCI Licensed Clinical Psychologists
  • Best Counselling Psychologists
  • Mental Health Therapists and Counsellors
  • Senior Psychiatrists from AIIMS & NIMHANS

Get Connected with the Top Mental Health Psychologists. Consult Online Psychologist Now. Take care of Your Emotional Health.

Safe & Secure

Get the Best Online Therapy in a Safe and Secure space. Everything will remain confidential and Non-Judgemental. Be yourself and be safe with us. Trust us with your privacy.

Quality Psychologists

Only the Best Online Psychologists at Manastha. We provide the Best Mental Health Professionals in India. Everyone is trained and professional and dealing all types of cases. We have the Best Online Psychologists in India.

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Standardized Sessions

Our Online Therapy Sessions are Standardized and Therapeutic. Each session is 45-60 mins long and can be extended if needed in the moment. We don’t belive in 20 min talk exchange. Change needs deeper introspection and communication.

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Get Dedicated Support from our Customer team. We give serious importance to our client’s issues and their queries. Get dedicated customer care for all your problems.

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Book Your Therapy Sessions via BookNow Tab. Choose between prime and essential packages. You will get an acknowledgement from your therapist soon and you can mutually fix the therapy session at your convenience. Therapy sessions are live and not recorded. You can talk to a Psychologist via Chat/Phone Call/Video Call. Manastha provides the Best Online Psychologist Consultation in India.

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Trusted by 100,000 Happy Clients, Manastha is the most positive rated therapy platform in India. See the reviews of the Healing Experiences.


Manastha is The Most Preferred and Trusted

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Best Online Counselling and Therapy Consultation

Manastha provides the best online therapy and Counseling consultation in India and around the globe. Consult Online Psychologists, Psychiatrist, therapist, counsellors, mental health experts via chat, phone or video call. Best Online Psychologist consultation and Online Psychiatric Consultation.


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The founding idea behind Manastha is to reclaim your inner harmony. A concept we often lose track of in our busy lives. They aim to enable people to find peace and fulfillment in their lives and change things that prevent them from achieving stability. It’s a process of “guidance and healing” with 24×7 expert help – INDIA TIMES

Manastha is the best online counselling and therapy consultation platform in India. Connect with the best Psychologist, therapist, Counsellors and Mental health experts now via chat, phone or video call.

Best EAP Provider India

Manastha provides the Best Employee Assitance Program ( EAP ) in India. Get Emotional and Mental Wellness for your Employees, Managers, and Executives. Increase Productivity, Job Satisfaction, Cognitive and Social Growth.

Manastha - Top EAP provider in India. Trusted by 100+ Corporates. Employee Mental Health Programs.

Manastha is the best eap service provider in India. Every Corporate deserves the best mental health support and Manastha is the best mental health corporate service provider in India. Associate your Corporate and Get the Mental Health Support for all the Employees. Best Corporate Mental Health Programs available. Take care of your Employee mental health today.

Manastha is the best online counselling & therapy consultation platform.

Consult Top Online Psychologists, Counsellor, Mental Health Therapist, Psychotherapist now. Experience the best therapy & Counselling session online. Chat/Phone Call/ Video Call for your emotional & mental health issues. Best Online Mental Health Helpline. Best Online Psychologist Consultation. Best online Psychiatric Consultation in India.

How Can I consult the best online psychologist in India ?

Manastha provies the best online psychologist consultation in India. Consult top psychologists, mental health therapists, counsellors online now. Take the Best Online Therapy and Online Counselling Consultation Website in India. Talk to a therapist now. We provide the Best Online Psychologists in India, Top Certified Mental Health Therapists, Counsellors.
Our motto is to help you Reclaim your inner harmony. Get the Best Online Mental Health Support from Top Therapists today.

Get Online Psychologist Consultation today. Book Your Online therapy session.

Languages in which online therapy is given ?

There are multiple languages. We cover almost all the languages and have psychologist from all over India. For International clients, English is used. For Indian clients, you can have an online psychologist in your native language.

How to talk to a psychologist online ?

Manastha is the best site where you can talk to a psychologist online and talk to a therapist online. Book your session with an online psychologist now. Manastha provides the top online psychologist for your mental health. Get the best Online therapy and online counselling from top mental health experts. Manastha has the group of best psychologists n India and counsellors who deals with the Following Emotional & Mental Issues

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Why Manastha is the best online psychologist consultation website ?

Manastha is the best online psychologist consultation website. Manastha is also the best online therapy and counselling website in India.

Manastha has a group of the best online psychologists and Mental health Counsellors in the world who are highly trained and experienced.

We don’t directly hire them, it is necessary for all of them to go through the online counselling training period for at least 2 months to start their practice here. Manastha aims at bringing holistic change rather than focusing on symptomatic relief. We help you transform yourself and enhance the quality of your life. By choosing Manastha, you not only choose quality but also an opportunity to grow and create what you want in your life. Our Online counselling and therapy services go beyond cultural differences.

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Where I can find the best psychologists in India ?

Manastha provides the best psychologists in India. Consult Online Psychologist now. Talk to a Psychologist via Chat, Call and Video Call. Consult the best Psychologist online now. Book your session with an online psychologist.

Where can I get an online appointment with the psychologist ?

Get an Online Appointment with the best psychologist in India. Manastha provides the best onlne psychologists online in India. Talk to a Psychologist, Therapist and Mental health Counsellor now. We are ready to help you in the best way possible. Book your mental health session now.

What is Online Counselling and Therapy ?

Online counselling/counseling and therapy is just like traditional counselling and therapy sessions.
During online therapy, professional counselling services are offered through the Internet ( Chat, Phone Call, Video Call )

Online counselling and therapy in India is a necessity in present times and important services include individual therapy sessions, call back service, kid’s or child therapy helplines must be made available to the people.

Manastha provides the best online psychologist & Counsellor. The therapy sessions are real-time in Manastha.

It is convenient, Affordable and Private. Confidentiality is highly maintained.

It allows people to take up therapy as per their convenience without hampering their daily schedules. You can mutually fix the session with the therapist.

How does online counselling work?

Based upon the latest researches and evidence, E-therapy or online therapy is as effective as the traditional therapy. Online counseling is one of the most suitable way to seek help. Psychologists and Psychiatrists can be consulted online.

Online counselling is the fastest way in which people who need online counseling can reach out at their convenience.

People can greatly succeed from issues such as sadness, worrying, stress, depression, phobias, marital problems, self-esteem problems and many more issues. Also, therapy can be extremely beneficial for individuals and families.

General Questions on Online Psychologist Consultation

Is Manastha online counselling Confidential & Secure ?

Manastha ensures that your information is kept highly confidential and secure and will not be shared with anyone. We ensure your privacy and all the information will be kept confidential with your therapist. You can express yourself freely with full trust and openness. Manastha provides you the platform you be your own true self without any masks and fear of judgment.

Can I choose my therapist as per my own needs ?

We make this step easy for you and we choose the best therapist for you so that you don’t deal with the unnecessary stress to find out the best for you. Everyone is a quality therapist and counsellor in the Manastha. We will assign the specialized therapist as per your situation. So, you don’t need to worry about getting the best one for you, We assure you the quality service and counselling.

Will the same Therapist be assigned to me If I choose to Continue with more sessions ?

Yes, the Same therapist will be assigned to you every time you wish to continue more with the Manastha. In case you wish to have a new therapist or counsellor, We will look into your request and may consider your request for the same.

I want to connect particularly with Female/male therapist, Is that possible ?

We will do our best to assign you the therapist as per request. However, in many scenarios we can’t make this happen due to availability. We request you to be comfortable in whatever gender of the therapist is as everyone is trained to be non-judgemental towards the clients. You can trust and open yourself freely with any therapist. Everyone is equally experienced to make you feel comfortable.

What are the Qualifications of the Counsellors and the therapists ?

Everyone has the minimum Masters in Psychology Degree. At Manastha, We don’t just hire the professionals but We train them first. Everyone at Manastha must go through the necessary training to start practicing the online counselling. This is the biggest uniqueness of our platform. No other online counselling platform is doing the same.

Moreover , Regular mentoring is being done in Manastha where everyone learns all kinds of approaches and more experienced therapists imparts his knowledge and wisdom to others. So Continuous learning program makes it very powerful for all the therapists to grow and excel in their sessions. So , whosoever is assigned to you is quite efficient and expert in the field of counselling and therapy. Quality is what we believe in and what we stand for.