Advance Assessments

IQ Assessment

IQ can be defined As a standard measure of an individual’s intelligence level based on psychological tests. Our trained Psychologists will patiently guide you through tests that are relevant to your age and other parameters to assess your IQ.


Depression Assessment

APA defines Depression to be a negative affective state, ranging from unhappiness and discontent to an extreme feeling of sadness, pessimism, and despondency, that interferes with daily life. Various physical, cognitive, and social changes also tend to co-occur, including altered eating or sleeping habits, lack of energy or motivation, difficulty concentrating or making decisions, and withdrawal from social activities. It is symptomatic of several mental health disorders.

Our Psychologists will help you understand whether you have underlying symptoms of depression while psychoeducating you about the condition. If your result requires you to gain further specialized assistance, our psychologists will refer you to the right resources.

Anxiety Assessment

APA Defines Anxiety as an emotion characterized by apprehension and somatic symptoms of tension in which an individual anticipates impending danger, catastrophe, or misfortune. The body often mobilizes itself to meet the perceived threat: Muscles become tense, breathing is faster, and the heart beats more rapidly. Anxiety may be distinguished from fear both conceptually and physiologically, although the two terms are often used interchangeably. Anxiety is considered a future-oriented, long-acting response broadly focused on a diffuse threat, whereas fear is an appropriate, present-oriented, and short-lived response to an identifiable and specific threat.

Our Psychologists are trained to identify the presence of symptoms of anxiety. If your result suggests that you need further specialized attention, we shall assist you to get just the right help.

Advance Personality Assessment

We assist you in the evaluation of factors such as intelligence, skills, interests, aptitudes, creative abilities, attitudes, and facets of psychological development by a variety of methods and techniques. These include (a) observational methods that use behavior sampling, interviews, and rating scales; (b) personality inventories, such as the MMPI; and (c) projective techniques, such as the Rorschach Ink Blot Test, TAT, etc. The uses of personality assessment are numerous, including in the clinical evaluation of children and adults; in educational and vocational counseling; in industry and other organizational settings; and rehabilitation. Personality Assessments can be helpful if you are on a journey of exploring yourself, knowing your strengths and areas of work, understanding who you are more likely to be compatible with, what aspects in life are more likely to offer you the much-needed life satisfaction and so much more. If you are taking therapy it also helps your therapist to have a better understanding of you.

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OCD Assessment

According to APA OCD is defined as a disorder characterized by recurrent intrusive thoughts (obsessions) that prompt the performance of neutralizing rituals (compulsions). Typical obsessions involve themes of contamination, dirt, or illness (fearing that one will contract or transmit a disease) and doubts about the performance of certain actions (e.g., an excessive preoccupation that one has neglected to turn off a home appliance). Common compulsive behaviors include repetitive cleaning or washing, checking, ordering, repeating, and hoarding. The obsessions and compulsions—which are recognized by affected individuals (though not necessarily by children) as excessive or unreasonable—are time-consuming (more than 1 hour per day), cause significant distress, and interfere with functioning. Although OCD has traditionally been considered an anxiety disorders, it is increasingly thought to be in a separate diagnostic category; DSM–5 classifies it under the category obsessive-compulsive and related disorders, along withbody dismorphic hoarding, trichotillomania, and excoriation (skin-picking) disorderexcoriation-skin-picking-disorder, among others.

Our team is trained to help you identify the potential possibility of OCD. If your results identify symptoms, you will be directed for further specialized attention.

Career Aptitude Assessment

A series of assessments that determines a person’s preferences for specific fields or activities. An interest inventory is a testing instrument designed for the purpose of measuring and evaluating the level of an individual’s interest in, or preference for, a variety of activities; also conducting tests to understand vocations that are more likely to align with your personality and have potential of providing you with life satisfaction.

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Adjustment Inventory Assessment

Our mental health practitioners will conduct tests containing a series of questions designed to measure home adjustment, health adjustment, social adjustment, and emotional adjustment.

Such tests are helpful to understand how you are adjusting to your environment. This can warn us of any future possibilities of burnout or triggers. This test can be helpful to all, especially students or new working professionals.


Family Environment Assessment

APA defines family as a kinship unit consisting of a group of individuals united by blood or by marital, adoptive, or other intimate ties. Although the family is the fundamental social unit of most human societies, its form and structure vary widely. some examples are – biological family,extended family; nuclear family; permeable family, step family.

Family environment is one of the most important factors in one’s life that determines the social, biological, and psychological aspects of life. This test would help you and your therapist to understand the patterns, experiences, and nature of your family dynamics. Being more aware of these dynamics not only helps us understand ourselves and our life choices better but also helps in an individual’s social and personal growth.

This test is recommended to all.


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Personalized Reports

Our Experts will take your assessment responses and will build you a personalized report for you.


Our Assessments are not Diagnosis but Self-Evaluation Reports to help you know more about yourself.

Detailed Analytics

Get the Detailed Analysis of your assessment. We will provide analysis through Scientific and Reliable assessment.

Set Your Therapy Goals

These assessments will help you to go ahead in therapy sessions with more clarity and you can set goals with your therapist.

Please Note

Our Psychology assessments are to help you understand whether specific mental health or emotional issues may concern you. It will be a guide to your therapy and your self-evaluation. For further clinical diagnosis, we recommend you to opt for our prime psychiatrist packages.

Personalized Reports By Psychologists

  • Self-Evaluation
  • Detailed Understanding
  • Set Goals for Therapy
  • Know What to Do Next