Basic Assessments

Mental Health Assessment

Mental health as per American Psychological Association has been defined as a state of mind characterized by emotional well-being, good behavioral adjustment, relative freedom from anxiety and disabling symptoms, and a capacity to establish constructive relationships and cope with the ordinary demands and stresses of life. This assessment will help you understand what is the quality of your mental health currently. It is recommended to go through the assessments for 3 consecutive months to get a clearer understanding of your life choices and their impact on your well being.

Self-Esteem Assessment

Self-esteem as per APA is the degree to which the qualities and characteristics contained in one’s concept of self are perceived to be positive. It reflects a person’s physical self-image, view of his or her accomplishments and capabilities, values, and perceived success in living up to them, as well as how others view and respond to that person. The more positive the cumulative perception of these qualities and characteristics, the higher one’s self-esteem. A reasonably high degree of self-esteem is considered an important ingredient of mental health, whereas low self-esteem and feelings of worthlessness are common depressive symptoms. If you wish to know yours, let us help you.

Personality Assessment

Personality assessments can help you to know and understand yourself. Understanding yourself is the first step towards understanding what we wish to do with our lives. Personality assessments can help you understand your strenghts ,areas you need to work upon , career paths you are more likely to enjoy, people you might prefer exploring your relationship with and much more. This a package we recommend for everyone.

Social Network Addiction Assessment

To help determine whether you might be experiencing social media addiction?In terms of social media usage one can safely say when used appropriately and in moderation, the effects are mild, and the sense of connection and belonging it creates may be beneficial in staving off feelings of isolation. Excessive usage of social media can cause long-term side effects such as fear of missing out, anxiety, withdrawal symptoms, depression, decreased attention span, and much more. Knowing about this at the right time can give you enough scope for improvement and help you strike just the right balance.

Is your Social Media usage healthy? let us help you in understanding the same.

Spiritual Attitude Assessment

According to the American Psychological Association, transpersonal or spiritual psychology is defined as An area of humanistic psychology that focuses on the exploration of the nature, varieties, causes, and effects of ‘higher’ states of consciousness and transcendental experiences. 

Interested in knowing your spiritual attitude ?

Women’s Dependency Assessment

We are In a world consistently thriving to achieve equality among all genders and trying to break gender stereotypes. One of the many causes preventing the above dream to be manifested in reality is a subconscious dependence in women. Usually it is cultural and social factors impacting their psychololgy. Cinderella syndrome is a concept which is used to define women who fear from being independent. Women with Cinderella syndrome are in the need of men’s refuge and protection. The syndrome is like a psychological dependence for women.

You will be surprised by the results . Wanna try ?

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Personalized Reports

Our Experts will take your assessment responses and will build you a personalized report for you.


Our Assessments are not Diagnosis but Self-Evaluation Reports to help you know more about yourself.

Detailed Analytics

Get the Detailed Analysis of your assessment. We will provide analysis through Scientific and Reliable assessment.

Set Your Therapy Goals

These assessments will help you to go ahead in therapy sessions with more clarity and you can set goals with your therapist.

Please Note

Our Psychology assessments are to help you understand whether specific mental health or emotional issues may concern you. It will be a guide to your therapy and your self-evaluation. For further clinical diagnosis, we recommend you to opt for our prime psychiatrist packages.

Personalized Reports By Psychologists

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  • Detailed Understanding
  • Set Goals for Therapy
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