Comprehensive Assessments


This assessment is recommended for all as it evaluates all the major aspects of the mental health spectrum.

It includes:-

  1. Advance personality assessment
  2. Advance anxiety assessment
  3. Advance depression assessment
  4. Advance OCD assessment.

We’ve Got You Covered

Personalized Reports

Our Experts will take your assessment responses and will build you a personalized report for you.


Our Assessments are not Diagnosis but Self-Evaluation Reports to help you know more about yourself.

Detailed Analytics

Get the Detailed Analysis of your assessment. We will provide analysis through Scientific and Reliable assessment.

Set Your Therapy Goals

These assessments will help you to go ahead in therapy sessions with more clarity and you can set goals with your therapist.

Please Note

Our Psychology assessments are to help you understand whether specific mental health or emotional issues may concern you. It will be a guide to your therapy and your self-evaluation. For further clinical diagnosis, we recommend you to opt for our prime psychiatrist packages.

Personalized Reports By Psychologists

  • Self-Evaluation
  • Detailed Understanding
  • Set Goals for Therapy
  • Know What to Do Next