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Manastha is providing the Best Mental Health Packages for Corporates. Manastha is at no. 1 in all the Best Employee Assistance Program ( EAP ) providers in India. We focus on the Mental and Emotional Health of the Employees and in many cases, we include the family of the employees as well in our packages. Companies lack proper mental health facilities that would encourage employees to seek help. All this combined together creates an environment where people find themselves alone and helpless in finding a way out of this stressful cycle. If you are searching for mental and emotional wellness for your employees, you don’t have to search anywhere else. You are at the Best Place possible for the Mental Well Being of your employees. Manastha provides the Best Employee Assistance Program in India. Get the best services for your Corporate Wellness and Employee Mental Health.

Wholistic Wellness Approach to Employees Mental Health

Employees can reach out to mental health practitioners like counsellors and clinical psychologists in confidence to seek therapy for their problems. Training sessions are organized for managers and HR teams on how to handle mental health problems in an empathetic manner. Workshops/talk sessions on stress management, meditation, and relaxation, how to maintain a work-life balance, emotional intelligence etc. are also organized as a way to acknowledge mental health illnesses and the importance of learning ways to tackle the problems stemming from it. Some companies even have an in-house or an on-call counsellor for their employees. Regular sessions focusing on emotional hygiene and psychological care can help in reinforcing the need for improved mental health practices in the corporate space. Solution-focused help opportunities will encourage people to come forward and seek help before it gets too late. It is seen that people benefit immensely when they not only know that help is available but also that it is effective. Corporate India must realize that employees’ intellectual wealth is linked to their physical and mental health. Therefore, it is important to view health and wellness in a holistic manner! Book your Demo Now

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We are ready to help your corporate to raise its Mental Health Index.

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