Free Online Counselling and Therapy

Ready to seek the help of a mental health professional and you aren’t sure how to get started?
Many of us Consider free online counselling and therapy as an option. Let us understand is there anything called free professional counselling?
Today’s Online Psychological services and online psychologist consultation, assessment are no longer confined by the four walls of your therapist’s office – you can now have online counselling and therapy sessions. You can connect with certified psychologists and counsellors online.
Let us talk about our best options for online counselling and therapy.
This article talks about how free online therapy works and why it may not be the best option for you. Manastha provides affordable online counselling and therapy and few of the packages provide Free personalized counselling materials.

Free Online Counselling and Therapy

What is it ?

Online Counselling & Therapy makes mental health services easily accessible to everyone. One can easily communicate with the best psychologist and therapist via a variety of online medium including video, text, chat, and phone – this is just as effective as face-to-face counseling. People can use online mental health services to get help with individual issues like Depression, Anxiety, Fear & Phobias, Negative Thinking, Past traumatic memories, obsessions and compulsion, marriage and family issues, and intimate relationship issues.

Visiting an online psychologist is now more convenient than a traditional office visit and is also a fraction of the cost of traditional therapy. When you enter your confidential online therapy counseling session you’re digitally connected with a licensed and certified mental health provider. We at Mansatha, Provides the best online counselling and therapy and connect you with the trained and highly experienced psychologist and counsellor. It’s easy to find support from trained experts online that specialize in counseling online. Talking to a Psychologist Online is as comfortable and confidential as any other means. Your mental health is extremely important.

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Is free online counselling worth it ?

You may be wondering, “Ist there any such thing free online counselling and therapy? How can therapy be free?” It is possible to get mental health treatment for free, or at little cost to you. Why wouldn’t you want a free service health treatment for free, or at little cost to you? Why wouldn’t you want a free service?

You may have questions and wonder if it’s really possible to get mental health advice for free. You may also question the value that a free or low-cost online mental health session has to offer in comparison to a paid service.

There are many websites which provide free online counselling and we can’t be sure about the quality of the services.

Mental Health is a sensitive domain and one must be sure to reach out to the right platform because wrong advice can lead to disastrous and dangerous results. So always seek out the best options available instead of the cheapest or free online counselling platform.

Manastha provides the most professional and the best online counselling in India and you can connect with the top psychologists and counsellors.
There are Two Different Plans offered by Manastha :

  1. Prime Packages – The Best Qualified Head Psychologists with a lot of experience and expertise. Best Counselling experience you can have if you are looking for the most premium and quality therapy services in India and
  2. Essential Packages – Most Affordable online counselling and therapy without compromising on the quality. You will be connected to the trained and certified psychologists.

If you’re suffering from bouts of anxiety, depression, or other debilitating mental health issues, your ultimate goal is to get relief and learn coping strategies – now.

You don’t need to pay a large amount to see a therapist in their office. You can opt for free online therapy options so that everyone suffering from mental health issues has an equally fair chance of finding relief.

There are free and affordable online therapy options are available at the click of a button online. People suffering from mental health-related challenges are happy to find relief when they connect to their virtual counselor to discuss pertinent life issues related to family, child, relationship and personal issues online. Discover the value and relief that chatting online with a Manastha therapist can provide (Manastha is not a free resource).

Free online therapy counseling sessions are available for individuals, couples and groups to meet the global needs of those suffering from mental health-related life challenges. Although online counseling is cheaper than traditional, face-to-face counseling, we recognize that some people cannot afford to seek online counseling.

4 Reasons Why You Should Opt For Best Counselling Services and not the Free Counselling Services

1. Right Mental Health Services should be your priority. Free or reduced-cost therapy doesn’t mean inferior care but can be the wrong choice for you. Always seek what works for you and always ask the right questions before you start your therapy. It will help you to determine what is necessary for you.

2. Know Who can help you in the best way possible. The best psychologist may not be the right psychologist for you. Manastha matches you with the right psychologist depending upon your needs and requirements. This is an important part of online counselling and therapy.

3. Therapy may take time to work. Sometimes it will take many sessions to see any improvement or any difference in your personal mental health domain. Don’t keep on jumping from one platform to another. People who seek free counselling keep on doing this and it does more harm than good. Always be sure about what you are seeking and give it proper time and space to help you in the best way possible.

4. It has been observed that if you start with a bad therapy experience than your mind will stereotype the experience and you may not seek help again. This can happen if you take therapy from an unreliable source and untrained professionals.

Connect Now with the Best Online Psychologists and Counsellors

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Manastha is the best online counselling and therapy platform. Reclaim Your Inner Harmony. Start your sessions with the best psychologists and counsellors now.

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