Online Volunteering Programme For Psychologists

Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic Spread and Worldwide Social Isolation, We are building the Network of Professional Psychologists who can Volunteer for giving online Mental Health Services

40 days Certified Volunteering Programme


Taking Sessions - Online Therapy and Counselling !

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You will be given an opportunity to take online sessions of clients who are experiencing discomfort due to the present mental health crisis.


Blog Writing

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Mental Health Blogs to Spread awareness and break stigma related to mental health.

Making Modules for Anxiety, Stress, Depression Etc.

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Personalized Manuals for the People.

Mentors will help you to design the worksheets and manuals.

Social Media Awareness

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Social Media platforms to share information and awareness.

Creativity Exploration

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We give everyone a space to be themselves and explore their creative side. You can contribute and share your opinions about how to make things better and more helpful to everyone.

Upgrading Yourself

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Opportunity to Learn and Evolve. Practice your skills and help people around the world.


Free Mentoring From Manastha's Psychologists

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Online One-on-one and Group Mentoring Classes from our Present Manastha Psychologists and Experts will given to you.


Opportunity To Help Others

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Get this opportunity to Help others in Crisis. Mental Health is quite crucial in present times. Be the Medium to Serve unconditionally.

Growth As A Professional

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Chance to get a wide range of cases. Practice your personally counseling skills and improve as a therapist. Get associated with the prestigious organization. 


Valued Added Experience and Skills

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Add 40 days Volunteering Programme experience to your resume. Chance to grow with other professionals.


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40 Days Online Volunteering Program Certification will be awarded to you.
Unique Serial No. will be added for Credibility and Genuinity.

Get Added To Our Directory

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We will add the Volunteers Profile to our Website and help them with worldwide recognition.

How to Become a Volunteer - Steps


Step 1. Fill the Form

1. Form Link and Eligibility

Form Link- Click Here


Eligibility – Min. Master’s in Psychology

Preferred 2 years Experience.

Step 2. Pass the Short Interview

Interview Information

Online Interview will be held after

1. Going through your Resume

2. Google Form

The interview will be held online via the Zoom/Skype App. You will be noticed Accordingly.

Step 3. You will be Added to our Volunteer Directory

Directory Information

This directory will consist of all the Volunteers from the Country. We will try to make individual profiles for everyone on our website to show the efforts and help given by the Volunteers. You will be added to our Whatsapp Official Group as well

Our Mission Is to Provide Professional & Affordable Online Mental Health Services

During the times of COVID-19 Pandemic, Manastha is committed to providing the most quality and affordable counselling services. We are Selecting professional psychologists who can volunteer in the time of this Crisis

General Questions

Is this Paid Programme ?

No. This is a Free Volunteering based program. Selected canditates will not be paid for this nor we will charge you any fees for the same.

I wish to Contribute but I am in my 4th Semester of my Master's in Psychology. What Should I do ?

You will be selected on the basis of your interview. We will give you other tasks. Remember, No counselling cases will be given to you. In Manastha, only a trained and certified professional can take the cases.

How to Apply for it ?

Steps are given above. Please follow all the steps and we will contact you as soon as possible. If you have any other doubts, Contact

WhatVolunteers Are Saying

I have completed my Master’s in Psychology and wanted to learn about practical skills. Mentors at Manastha helped me to understand the counselling process and I have been improving a lot in this programme.



I have been wanting to give my services for the present cause and was finding it difficult to spread the skills and psychological knowledge. Manastha has given me the platform to use my skills to help others in the times of Crisis


Mental Health Practitioner

Ready to Make a Change?

Volunteer for this Programme.